Tasha De Serio and team

Executive chef, founder and author, Tasha DeSerio has over 15 years of experience in catering and events. Her career began as a cook at Chez Panisse Restaurant where she learned to appreciate fresh, seasonal ingredients and simple, well-prepared food. Tasha’s deep connection to good food and the role that it plays in our lives—our traditions and our celebrations— led her to launch Olive Green Catering in 2003. Tasha began working under her own name in 2011 with her current team of talented professionals.



Samantha Greenwood and Carri Wilkinson bring years of experience at Chez Panisse Restaurant and a steadfast commitment to quality to the kitchen, where they lead a team of like-minded cooks. On the floor, Kathy Batt manages a team of dedicated servers with warmth, skill and grace.

We are fortunate to partner regularly with Rye Bar for extraordinary cocktails and bar service. We also enjoy continuing relationships with farmers, artisans, and select event-related businesses in the bay area that share our commitment to beautiful and delicious food and extraordinary events.